S16. Planetary evolution: new insights from remote sensing, in-situ, terrestrial analogues and meteorite studies

Conveners and Chairpersons Maria Sgavetti (UNIPR), Mara Murri (UNIPV), Valentina Galluzzi (IAPS-INAF), Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD), Cristian Carli (IAPS-INAF)


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [08.30-10.00]

Aula Q

16-1    08.30 - 09.00
[KEYNOTE] Massironi M.*, Pozzobon R., Franceschi M. & Penasa L. : From Planetary surface mapping to Planetary subsurface structures

16-2    09.00 - 09.15
Baioni D.*, Gutierrez F., García-Arnay A., Luzzi E., Parenti C., Sevil J. & Nesci O. : Two possible episodes of karstification in the equatorial layered deposit within Kotido crater, Arabia Terra, Mars

16-3    09.15 - 09.30
(Invited) Antonangeli D.*, Badro J., Boccato S., Morard G., Rivoldini A., Siebert J., Xu F. & the InSight Science Team : InSight, first months on Mars and laboratory experiments to complement planetary observations

16-4    09.30 - 09.45
Italiano F., Di Bella M.*, Sabatino G., Barbieri R., Cavalazzi B., Ferretti A., Danovaro R., Romeo T., Andaloro F., Esposito V., Tripodo A., Scotti G. & Quartieri S. : Hydrothermal iron ooids on Earth as homologues of hematite spherules discovered on Mars

16-5    09.45 - 10.00
Zambon F.*, Carli C., van der Bogert C.H., Hiesinger H., Altieri F., Giacomini L. & Massironi M. : Spectral variations across Apollo basin on the Moon

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [11.30-13.00]

Aula Q

16-6    11.30 - 12.00
[KEYNOTE] Folco L.* : The near-Earth cosmic dust complex: Perspectives from the unique Transantarctic Mountains micrometeorite collection

16-7    12.00 - 12.15
Moggi Cecchi V.*, Pratesi G., Giuli G., Nemati M., Di Martino M. & Serra R. : The 2017 Joint Italian - Iranian Lut desert expedition: compositional and textural features of the meteorites recovered

16-8    12.15 - 12.30
Nazzareni S.*, Pauselli C., Skogby H., Murri M., Domeneghetti M.C., Alvaro M., Stalder R., Petrelli M., De Sanctis M.C., Formisano M. & Federico C. : Pyroxenes as a proxy for thermal history and water content of asteroid 4 Vesta

16-9    12.30 - 12.45
Nestola F., Barbaro A.*, Morana M., Christ O., Brenker F.E., Domeneghetti M.C., Dalconi M.C., Alvaro M., Goodrich C., Fioretti A.M., Leoni M. & Shaddad M.H. : Diamonds in ureilites: how did they form?

16-10    12.45 - 13.00
Nava J.*, Maturilli A., Zambon F., Carli C., Alemanno G., Helbert J., Genovesi S. & Massironi M. : Laboratory experiments on carbonaceous chondrites: insights into cryovolcanism and hydrothermal alteration on planetary bodies

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [15.30-17.00]

Aula Q

16-11    15.30 - 15.45
Suttle M.D.*, Twegar K., Nava J., Spiess R., Spratt J., Campanale F. & Folco L. : A unique CO-like micrometeorite hosting an exotic Al-Cu-Fe-bearing assemblage – close affinities with the Khatyrka meteorite

16-12    15.45 - 16.00
Campanale F.*, Mugnaioli E., Folco L., Gemmi M., Lee M.R., Daly L. & Glass B.P. : Evidence for direct solid-state quartz-to-coesite transformation in shocked ejecta from the Australasian tektite/microtektite strewn field

16-13    16.00 - 16.15
(Invited) Miozzi F.*, Morard G., Antonangeli D., Clark A.N., Baron M.A., Dorn C., Rozel A., Pakhomova A., Mezouar M. & Fiquet G. : Characterization of the Fe-Si-C system at extreme conditions and application to exoplanets interior

16-14    16.15 - 16.30
Mugnaioli E.*, Gemmi M., Campanale F., Suttle M.D., Folco L. & Pignatelli I. : 3D electron diffraction for the characterization of cryptocrystalline micro-samples: Applications to planetary sciences

16-15    16.30 - 16.45
Fastelli M.*, Comodi P., Zucchini A., Maturilli A., Balic-Zunic T. & Rossi M. : Reflectance and emissivity spectroscopy of hydrated salts at different temperature: a method to understand icy planetary bodies surfaces composition

16-16    16.45 - 17.00
Pisello A.*, De Angelis S., Ferrari M., Vetere F.P., Pauselli C., Kueppers U., De Sanctis M.C. & Perugini D. : A new spectroscopic database for silicate glasses: implications for planetary science

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Aula Centrale

Tangari A.C.*, Marinangeli L., Scarciglia F., Pompilio L. & Piluso E. : Genesis and age of clay deposits in Margaritifer Region on Mars using terrestrial soil analogues

Carli C.*, Morlok A., Stojic A., Weber I., Renggli C., Klemme S., Ferrari S., Pratesi G., Hiesinger H. & Capaccioni F. : VNIR reflectance spectra of iron-bearing Mercury-like glasses


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Area Poster

16-19    Pannello 42
Galluzzi V.*, Ferranti F., Massironi M., Giacomini L., Guzzetta L. & Pasquale P. : High-Mg region induced stress field in the Victoria quadrangle of Mercury

16-20    Pannello 43
Giacomini L.*, Galluzzi V., Carli C., Zambon F., Massironi M., Ferranti L. & Palumbo P. : Geological mapping of the Kuiper (H06) quadrangle of Mercury: Integration between morphologic and spectral characteristics

16-21    Pannello 44
Re C.*, Cremonese G., Naletto G. & Tordi M. : HYPSOS, Next generation of a stereo camera

16-22    Pannello 45
Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Bersani D. & Salviati G. : Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence: combined SEM-EDS and Raman to approach the analysis of anorthite in Ca-Al inclusions