S20. Orogenesis and orogenic wedges: a multiscale and multitechinique approach

Conveners and Chairpersons Francesca Remitti (UNIMORE), Luca Aldega (UNIROMA), Stefano Tavani (UNINA), Giulio Viola (UNIBO)


Martedi 17 Settembre 2019 [14.30-16.00]

Aula Q

20-1    14.30 - 15.00
[KEYNOTE] Lacombe O.* : Thick-skinned tectonics in orogenic forelands: the external western Alps and the western US Laramide Province case studies

20-2    15.00 - 15.15
Argnani A.*, Manzi V. , Lugli S. & Roveri M. : The Calabrian Arc orogenic wedge: a Messinian reconstruction 

20-3    15.15 - 15.30
Rossi F.P.*, Corrado S., Lugli S., Manzi V., Reghizzi M., Roveri M. & Schito A. : Multiproxy Burial and Exhumation Numerical Modelling of the late Miocene succession of the Eastern Romagna Apennines: implications for Messinian salinity crisis-related deposits diagenetic products

20-4    15.30 - 15.45
Sternai P.* : Present-day uplift of the European Alps: mechanisms and relative contributions

20-5    15.45 - 16.00
Barbero E.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Pandolfi L., Marroni M., Saccani E. & Catanzariti R. : The Ganj Ophiolitic Complex reinterpreted as a Late Cretaceous volcanic arc: implications for the geodynamic evolution of the North Makran domain (SE Iran)

Martedi 17 Settembre 2019 [17.00-18.30]

Aula Q

20-6    17.00 - 17.15
Succo A.*, Mittempergher S., Lucca A., Bistacchi A., Meda M. & Storti F. : From layer-parallel shortening and duplexing to fold tightening and strike-slip compartmentalization in the External Dinarides orogenic wedge: the case of platform carbonates folded in the Pag anticline

20-7    17.15 - 17.30
Berio L.*, Balsamo F., Bistacchi A., Mittempergher S. & Storti F. : Structural and paleofluid evolution during and after the growth of the Parmelan Anticline, Bornes Massif, Western Alps

20-8    17.30 - 17.45
Curzi M.*, Carminati E., Aldega L., Berra F., Billi A., Van der Lelij R. & Viola G. : Architecture and evolution of an extensionally-inverted thrust (Monte Tancia thrust, central Apennines, Italy): geological, structural, geochemical, and K-Ar geochronological constraints

20-9    17.45 - 18.00
Lucca A., Storti F., Balsamo F., Clemenzi L.*, Fondriest M., Burgess R. & Di Toro G. : Out-of-sequence thrusting from marine to phreatic conditions in the Gran Sasso Massif, Central Apennines, Italy

20-10    18.00 - 18.15
Sabbatino M.*, Vitale S., Consorti L., Corradetti A., Arienzo I., Cipriani A. & Parente M. : Multidisciplinary study of the Miocene forebulge unconformity in central-southern Apennines

20-11    18.15 - 18.30
Velicogna M.*, Princivalle F., Petrelli M., Venier M. & Lenaz D. : U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of Cretaceous-Eocene flysch basins of the N-E Adria plate

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Martedi 17 Settembre 2019

Aula Centrale

Federico L.*, Maino M., Crispini L. & Capponi G. : Paleo-depth of fault activity: testing a method based on inversion of fault-slip data


Martedi 17 Settembre 2019

Area Poster

20-12    Pannello 47
D’Intino N.*, Scisciani V. & Esestime P. : The superposition of non-coaxial extensional events in rift basins: a case study from the Utsira High

20-14    Pannello 48
Barbero E.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Pandolfi L., Marroni M., Saccani E., Chiari M., Luciani V. & Catanzariti R. : Preliminary stratigraphic and petrological data on the Durkan Complex (Makran accretionary wedge, SE Iran)

20-15    Pannello 49
Basso J.*, Artoni A., Torelli L., Polonia A., Carlini M., Gasperini L. & Mussoni P. : The Plio-Pleistocene Bradano basin and the Southern Apennine Orogenic Wedge: evidences of accretion collision and segmentation of Apulian continental plate

20-16    Pannello 50
Berardo G., Bonaccorso L., De Filippis G., Di Carlo L., Di Renzo M. E., Emili E., Gencarelli G., Iammarino C., Lavaroni F., Locchi M.E., Modesti M., Mosconi F., Pardo S., Perrotta V., Pignalberi F., Rinaldi F., Ruggiero G., Solfanelli M., Tedesco C., Valente M., Scuderi M., Curzi M., Marmoni G.M., Mercuri M. & Collettini C.* : The M. Tancia regional thrust: geometric, kinematic and mechanical characterization within the Structural Geology course at La Sapienza

20-17    Pannello 51
Bitonte R.*, Bellentani G., Dall’Igna M., Livio F., Ciabarri F. & Scaramuzzo E. : Validation of structural and depositional models for a reservoir study in southern Apennines:  uncertainty quantification by means of discrete geological scenarios

20-18    Pannello 52
Cerchiari A.* & Fagereng A. : Low temperature cyclical switching between brittle and ductile deformation inferred from microstructural analysis of quartz shear veins

20-19    Pannello 53
Panini F., Bettelli G., Carlini M., Fioroni C., Nirta G. & Remitti F.* : A new geological map of the high Sillaro Valley (Northern Apennines, Italy)

20-20    Pannello 54
Tavani S.*, Corradetti A., Sabbatino M. & Mazzoli S. : Geological record of the transition from induced to self-sustained subduction in the Oman Mountains