S26. Approaches for evaluation and protection of groundwater resources

Conveners and Chairpersons Daniela Ducci (UNINA), Emma Petrella (UNIPR), Stefania Stevenazzi (UNIMI)


Martedi 17 Settembre 2019 [14.30-16.00]

Aula N

26-1    14.30 - 15.00
[KEYNOTE] Di Curzio D.* & Rusi S. : Stationary and non-stationary geostatistics to model 3-D hydraulic conductivity distribution: a case study in the southern Po river plain

26-2    15.00 - 15.15
Portoghese I.*, Demichele F., Fidelibus D. & Vurro M. : Infiltration ponds adopted for treated wastewater disposal: a risk-assessment approach in the Apulia region

26-3    15.15 - 15.30
Barbagli A.*, Guastaldi E., Giannuzzi M., Borsi I., Lotti F., Basile P., Schembri M. & Sapiano M. : 3-Dimentional geological reconstruction of the Maltese archipelago geology as a tool for a better understanding on the main Maltese groundwater bodies

26-4    15.30 - 15.45
Barbero D.*, Bucci A., De Luca D.A., Forno M.G. & Lasagna M. : A new thermal model of the shallow aquifer by statistical temperature distribution in the Piedmont Po Plain (NW Italy)

26-5    15.45 - 16.00
Apollaro C.*, Fuoco I., De Rosa R., Vespasiano G., Gabriele B., Mancuso R., Criscuoli A. & Figoli A. : Natural polluted waters in Calabria Region (Italy): preliminary data on arsenic contamination and treatment

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Martedi 17 Settembre 2019

Aula Centrale

Severini E.*, Pinardi M., Racchetti E., Celico F. & Bartoli M. : Evidences of diffuse water and nitrate input via river-groundwater interactions in a regulated river: flood irrigation as main driver?

Stellato L.*, Allocca V., Arienzo M., Coda S., De Vita P., Di Rienzo B., D’Onofrio A., Ferrara L., Marzaioli F. & Trifuoggi M. : Multi-disciplinary study to characterize groundwater flow processes and quality in an agriculture impacted volcanic-sedimentary coastal aquifer in the archaeological site of Cumae (Phlegraean Fields, southern Italy)


Martedi 17 Settembre 2019

Area Poster

26-8    Pannello 59
Barbero D.*, Bucci A., De Luca D.A., Forno M.G. & Lasagna M. : Thermal data as a tool for groundwater flow velocity determination in aquifer recharge areas

26-9    Pannello 60
Capizzi P.*, Martorana R., Favara R., Albano L., Bonfardeci A., Costa N. & Gagliano A.L. : Geophysical and hydrological model of “Barcellona-Milazzo plain” groundwater body

26-10    Pannello 61
Chiaudani A., Di Curzio D. & Rusi S.* : The role of snow melting and rainfall on the discharge and physico-chemical characteristics of springs: a statistical analysis in Central Apennines

26-11    Pannello 62
Corniello A., Del Gaudio E., Ducci D.* & Stellato L. : The well fields of the Maggiore e Tifata mountains (Campania Region): new hydrochemical and isotopic data

26-12    Pannello 63
Deluca F.*, Mongelli G., Paternoster M., Sinisi R. & Zhu Y. : Rare earth element speciation in volcanic groundwater: the Mount Vulture aquifer (Southern Italy)

26-13    Pannello 64
Ducci D.* & Sellerino M. : A Modified AVI Model to Map Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination: case studies in Southern Italy

26-14    Pannello 65
Iván V., Masetti M., Mádl-Szőnyi J., Pollicino L.C. & Stevenazzi S.* : Spatial and statistical analysis of factors influencing groundwater vulnerability on the study area of the Gömör-Torna Karst (Hungary and Slovakia)

26-15    Pannello 66
Petrella E.*, Chiari A., Segadelli S. & Celico F. : Hydrogeological and isotopic characterization of an ophiolite aquifer (Monte Zirone, Northern Apennines, Italy)

26-16    Pannello 67
Raimondo M.*, Chelli A., Celico F., Iacumin P. & Petrella E. : Hydrogeological and isotopic investigation to define the hydrological behaviour of a complex landslide: a case study in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

26-17    Pannello 68
Vespasiano G., Apollaro C., Muto F., Tripodi V., Fuoco I.*, Dotsika E. & De Rosa R. : Hydrogeochemical, isotopic and geological characterization of the thermal areas in the Calabria region