S5. Geosciences in Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage Conservation

Conveners and Chairpersons Marco Benvenuti (UNIFI), Anna Maria De Francesco (UNICAL), Claudio Mazzoli (UNIPD)


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [08.30-10.00]

Aula L

5-1    08.30 - 09.00
[KEYNOTE] Germinario L.* & Oguchi C.T. : Weathering of anthropic caves of soft rock in the Kantō region, Japan

5-2    09.00 - 09.15
Giustetto R.*, Padovan S., Barale L. & Compagnoni R. : The Neolithic greenstone industry from Chiomonte (Turin Province, Northwestern Italy): archaeometric study and comparison with analogous findings

5-3    09.15 - 09.30
Santi P., Foresta Martin F., Spatafora F., De Vita S., Dell’Aquilano M. & Renzulli A.* : Volcanic millstones trade in the Mediterranean during the Hellenistic-Roman period: the impact on the production of manufacts and milling technique evolution at Ustica Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

5-4    09.30 - 09.45
Rispoli C.*, Cappelletti P., De Bonis A., Di Benedetto C., Esposito R., Graziano S.F., Guarino V. & Morra V. : Historical mortars beyond Pompeii: the example of Villa del Pezzolo (Sorrento Peninsula)

5-5    09.45 - 10.00
Scrivano S.*, Cabella R. & Giannattasio B.M. : Archaeometric contribution to the study of the Small Thermal Baths in the roman town of Nora (Sardinia): mortars and plasters

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [11.30-13.00]

Aula L

5-6    11.30 - 12.00
[KEYNOTE] Di Fazio M.*, Felici A.C., Catalli F., Doménech-Carbó A., Doménech-Carbó M.T. & De Vito C. : Roman orichalcum coins: a deep investigation from patina to core

5-7    12.00 - 12.15
Bernabale M.*, Nigro L. & De Vito C. : Microstructure and chemical composition of Iron Age archaeological objects from the Phoenician-Punic site of Motya (Sicily, Italy)

5-8    12.15 - 12.30
Borghi A.*, d’Atri A., Gambino F., Martire L., Perotti L., Vaggelli G. & Valentino D. : STONE Pietre Egizie: a free mobile application for promoting the knowledge and dissemination  of ornamental stones exposed in Museo Egizio of Torino (NW Italy)

5-9    12.30 - 12.45
Medeghini L., Botticelli M.*, De Vito C., Nigro L. & Mignardi S. : Archaeometric analysis on ceramic material from the Khalet al-Jam’a necropolis (Bethlehem, West Bank)

5-10    12.45 - 13.00
Paris E.*, Sciarroni G. , Virgili S., Abudureheman A. & Antongirolami V. : A newly discovered ceramic production center in Camerino (Marche, Italy)

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [15.30-17.00]

Aula L

5-11    15.30 - 16.00
[KEYNOTE] Moro D.*, Ulian G. & Valdrè G. : Monte Carlo SEM-EDS micro- and nanoanalysis in archaeometry and cultural heritage: Thickness, shape/geometry effects and measurement strategy

5-12    16.00 - 16.15
Stroscio A.*, Coccato A., Fugazzotto M., Occhipinti R., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G. : Potentiality of PXRF for the discrimination of altered carbonate rocks in Cultural Heritage

5-13    16.15 - 16.30
Pellegrini M.*, Donahue R.E. & Lee-Thorp J.A. : Tracking animal movements with tooth enamel oxygen and strontium isotopes

5-14    16.30 - 16.45
Caruso V.*, Marinoni N., Merlini M., Cantaluppi M., Diella V., Trombino L. & Cattaneo C. : A comparison between the decay of adult and juvenile human skeletons from archeological and contemporary burials using a multidisciplinary approach

5-15    16.45 - 17.00
Coletti C.*, Maritan L. & Mazzoli C. : "Our Common Future”: a lesson from the past for a renewed responsibility

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Aula Centrale

Fioretti G.* & Campobasso C. : Petroarchaeometric investigation of building stones and mensiochronological analysis of masonry structures of the St. Maria Veterana archaeological site in Triggiano (Apulia, southern Italy), as multidisciplinary tool for the chronological dating and traditional production technology studies

Germinario C., Cappelletti P., De Bonis A. , Di Martire D., Esposito R., Grifa C., Morra V., Rispoli C.* & Talamo P. : The Roman villa at the Castle of Baia (Naples, Italy): preliminary investigations on the polychromy of frescoed surfaces by using non-destructive spectroscopic techniques


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Area Poster

5-18    Pannello 14
Beltrame C., Lazzarini L. & Antonelli F.* : The marble identification of ancient shipwrecks for an enhancement of the in situ underwater heritage of Italy: the case of the cargo of Punta del Francese (Stintino-Sassari, Sardinia)

5-19    Pannello 15
Castagnotto E.*, Locardi F., Scrivano S., Ferretti M. & Gaggero L. : Chemical and textural fingerprint of natural stones for the use of construction and restoration stakeholders (CatSTONE project)

5-20    Pannello 16
De Francesco A.M., Barca D.*, Tucci A. & Scarpelli R. : Provenance study of the protohistoric impasto pithoi in the Soverato area (Calabria - Southern Italy) by LA-ICP-MS analysis of individual biotite grains

5-21    Pannello 17
Fratini F., Pecchioni E.*, Cantisani E. & Rescic S. : Pistoia, city of stones

5-22    Pannello 18
Manca R.*, Scrivano S. , Manfriani C., Ager Vàzquez F.J. , Ortega Feliu I. , Respaldiza M.A. & Benvenuti M. : Castellani gold jewels: materials characterization by in-situ, non invasive analyses at the Museo di Villa Giulia (Rome)

5-23    Pannello 19
Muntoni I.M., Torre M. & Eramo G.* : Setting the technological patterns in the Neolithic pottery production of central Apulia

5-24    Pannello 20
Pancani D.*, Raneri S. & Gioncada A. : Mineralogical and petrographic evidences of fires at Pisa Cathedral: the case of Panchina Livornese

5-25    Pannello 21
Precisvalle N., Ardit M.*, Martucci A., Bonadiman C., Bianchini G. & Natali C. : Macedonian ruby: mineralogical and geochemical analysis of a national treasure

5-26    Pannello 22
Savelli C.* : Olduvai  Subchron (Pliocene-Pleistocene Transition) In Tyrrhenian Sea and Africa Rift Valley: Geological and Paleoanthropolgical Implications

5-27    Pannello 23
Scrivano S.*, Gambino F., Borghi S., Cabella R. & Giannattasio B.M. : Archaeometric contribution to the study of the Small Thermal Baths in the roman town of Nora (Sardinia): white and coloured marbles

5-28    Pannello 24
Testone V., Longo V., Mameli P.*, Cherchi M. & Milanese M. : Detection of graves and buried walls using ground penetrating radar: the Sant’Antioco di Bisarcio archaeological site (Sardinia)

5-29    Pannello 25
Tonelli G.*, Renzulli A., Santi P., Talozzi D., Tramontana M. & Veneri F. : The bricks of the UNESCO historical town of Urbino (Marche, Italy): characterization, provenance of the raw material and archaeometric dating

5-30    Pannello 26
Vettori S., Verrucchi M., Di Benedetto F.*, Gioventù E., Benvenuti M., Pecchioni E., Costagliola P. & Moretti S. : Hyperspectral sensor: a practice tool to evalute the efficacy of cleaning procedures