S7. New frontiers in metamorphism and deformation-metamorphism relationships through cutting-edge analytical, experimental, numerical, and theoretical techniques

Conveners and Chairpersons Nadia Malaspina (UNIMIB), Sabrina Nazzareni (UNIPG), Alberto Vitale Brovarone (UNITO), Stefano Zanchetta (UNIMIB)


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [08.30-10.00]

Aula M

7-1    08.30 - 08.45
Menant A., Sternai P.* & Gerya T. : Magmatic forcing of Cenozoic climate?

7-2    08.45 - 09.00
Giuntoli F.*, Vitale Brovarone A. & Menegon L. : High pressure abiotic methanogenesis and strain localization in metamorphosed carbonate rocks

7-3    09.00 - 09.15
[KEYNOTE] Piccoli F.*, Ague J.J. , Chu X. & Vitale Brovarone A. : Multistage metasomatism recorded in HP metamorphic unit: a natural example of porosity waves in subduction zones?

7-4    09.15 - 09.30
[KEYNOTE] Schwarzenbach E.M.*, Li J., John T., Caddick M.J., Petroff M. & Gill B.C. : Sulfur transfer within subduction zones: Evidence from exhumed mafic and ultramafic slab material

7-5    09.30 - 09.45
Carvalho B.B.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., Tacchetto T., Gianola O., Ferri F. & Aradi L.E. : Fate of primary COH fluid inclusions in garnet from high-grade rocks

7-6    09.45 - 10.00
Ferrero S.*, Wannhoff I., Darling R., Wunder B., Laurent O., Ziemann M.A., Günter C. & O’Brien P. : Micropetrology of megagarnets: nanogranitoids reveal presence of melt during formation of the giant garnets of Barton Mine (Adirondacks, US)

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019 [11.30-13.00]

Aula M

7-7    11.30 - 11.45
Cesare B.*, Nestola F., Mugnaioli E., Della Ventura G., Peruzzo L., Bartoli O., Viti C., Johnson T. & Erickson T. : I was not born cubic, said low-temperature metamorphic garnet

7-8    11.45 - 12.00
Angel R.J.*, Murri M., Prencipe M., Stangarone C., Mihailova B.D. & Alvaro M. : Measuring strains with Raman Spectroscopy

7-9    12.00 - 12.15
Gilio M.*, Alvaro M., Angel R.J. & Scambelluri M. : Elastic geothermobarometry on multiple inclusions in a single host

7-10    12.15 - 12.30
Mazzucchelli M.L.*, Angel R.J., Morganti S. & M. Alvaro M. : EntraPT: a GUI program for anisotropic elastic thermobarometry

7-11    12.30 - 12.45
[KEYNOTE] Mittempergher S.* : From aseismic to seismic slip in exhumed seismogenic sources: insights from geochemical and microstructural studies of pseudotachylyte bearing faults in the Adamello massif

7-12    12.45 - 13.00
Corti L.*, Visalli R., Zucali M., Mancini L. & Sayab M. : Integrating X-ray microtomography with the chemical imaging of EMPA: A robust method to quantify mineral re-crystallization during metamorphism: example for granulite to eclogite in the Western Alps, Italy

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Aula Centrale

Giuli G.*, Pratesi G., Radica F., Stabile P., Paris E. & Cibin G. : Iron oxidation state in Fulgurite glass

Malaspina N.*, Langenhorst F. & Montanini A. : The oxidation state of C-S-bearing garnet clinopyroxenites from External Liguride (Italy) and Beni Bousera (Morocco): a TEM-EELS study


Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019

Area Poster

7-15    Pannello 36
Corti L.*, Zucali M., Delleani F., Zanoni D. & Spalla M.I. : 3D reconstruction of fabric and metamorphic domains in a slice of continental crust involved in the Alpine subduction system: the example of Mt. Mucrone (Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps)

7-16    Pannello 37
Croce A.*, Pigazzi E., Rinaudo C. & Zucali M. : Micro-Raman spectroscopy and microstructural thermometers applied for the evaluation of carbonate mylonites deformation temperature

7-17    Pannello 38
Marchesini B.*, Menegon L., Prando F., Schmidt P.K., Garofalo P.S., Schwarz G., Hattendorf B., Günther D., Mattila J. & Viola G. : Evidence of low-temperature plasticity in naturally deformed pyrite: a LA-ICP-TOFMS-EBSD combined approach (Olkiluoto Island, Finland)